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Laravel Session Woes

Posted April 27, 2016 6:08 PM (1 week ago)

Laravel Session Woes

I have seen in the past little while that there have been a number of problems with Laravel's Sessions not being saved across views. A lot of the times this is because of a change that was made between Laravel 5.2.26 and 5.2.27

Introducing double Web Middleware

Double web middle-what? Laravel recently changed the way the default middleware works. The web middleware is in charge of items like Session Data, CSRF protection, etc.

In Laravel 5.2.26 they moved the middleware into the routes so that you could easily put routes outside the middleware (such as api routes). However there must have been some issues as they moved it back into a Service provider in 5.2.27

Lucky the fix is an easy one and there is a video for it and it is (free):
Laravel 5.2 | PHP


Posted March 28, 2016 2:07 AM (1 month ago)


Laracademy is my pet project that I have been working on furiously in the past couple of months. I love teaching and I thought what better way to reach out into the world and give something back than to create some video tutorials on one of my favourite programming languages, Laravel.

Laracademy vs Laracasts

It is quite obvious that Laracasts has a huge hold on the Laravel community (I mean it is even shown on the top navigation bar of Laravel :P) Laracademy is obviously going to compete with Laracasts however Laracademy will be offering full series where you start from the beginning of a project and are able to follow the entire thing all the way through.

With each of the projects you can also grab the GitHub repository at any point (Episode 2 or Episode 10) to follow along.

Well, what have you got?

So far, in the short time that I have been working on it. I have been able to produce a full video series on building a blog as well as some Laravel 5.2 videos. I plan on keeping things updated and getting videos out as fast as I can.

What's the price?

Nothing. If you want to sign up it is free and will cost you nothing. However, if you do sign up you get access to those premium videos that free accounts just won't be able to watch. If you do feel like supporting me it is only $7.00(USD) a month.

So what was the url again?

You can find Laracademy at

Laravel | Laravel 5.1 | Laravel 5.2 | PHP

There is tons more to read