Printer Management Software Posted on October 25, 2016

In a past career I fiddled with printer management software and even had a job building some of it. For some strange reason I always find myself going back and working on something about printers.

last weekend I decided to once again load up Visual Studio and start working on some printer products. I came out with three products in total.

The three products are named collector, verifier and discovery.


This tool allows you to verify the device information based on what we are gathering. For instant if you have a printer located at: you can run this tool and it will query that device for all of the information.

Device Verifier


If you run the Device Verifier and you find some information that is missing, well this tool is what you would run. It will query the device and gather all the information that it can on the device. It asks you a few questions in the end and finally packages up all the information for you to send to our developers.



Finally the software that the other two build up to. Discovery is meant to discover print devices on your network. You can search by using an IP Range, or enter a single IP Address, and finally you can enter a bulk IP Address list.

Once the search has started when it finds a device it will interrogate the printer and bring back the information that it finds.


Can I try the software?

Certainly! The software is free and will run on a Windows machine that has .Net 4.5 installed. You can grab any of the software applications from the links below.

Software Version Download
Verifier 1.0 Download
Collector 1.0 Download
Discovery 1.0 Download
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